The staff and Principal team at VUSC are committed to providing the best in education for students as they prepare for adulthood and the workforce. Our College is a supportive teaching and learning environment where students’ needs and backgrounds are reflected in their learning and design of the curriculum.

The clear strategic intention is to maximise opportunities for all students by developing their talents and challenging them to have high aspirations so they achieve their potential and become logical, self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive adults. Our aim is to empower them to achieve, lead and be examples in their community. The College has a focused and comprehensive strategic plan for improving educational outcomes and opportunities for our students across all learning areas.

In the same way we are committed to providing our staff with the professional development and resources they need to deliver the curriculum to students. Teachers and support staff are encouraged to participate in ongoing professional training to increase their levels of expertise and knowledge, not only for their personal development but to improve educational outcomes for our students. Victoria University Secondary College has an expectation and culture of high performance and continuous improvement among our teaching staff. A comprehensive leadership team, central online communication system and regular staff meetings are designed to fully equip our teachers with a support network and up to date information. Together we are committed to fostering academic and creative excellence, and work together towards achieving the very best outcomes for our students.


Leadership Team

College Principal: Genevieve Simson
Campus Principals: Elaine Hazim, Sue Atzarakis 
Assistant Principals: Jim Dowie, Brooke Greig
Middle Years Engagement Leader: Brendan Saker
Later Years Engagement Leader: Deanne Clark
Curriculum Leader: Dan Sullivan
Literacy Leader/Teaching and Learning Coach:   Brendan Tuckerman
Numeracy Leader: Andrew Cordell
Careers, Pathways and Partnerships Leader: Rob Bertagnolio
Teaching and Learning Coach: Robert Goodwin
Data Leader: Glenn Leyland
STEM Leader:  Sheena Yaremko