Interschool Sport Timetables

Students interested in representing the college in the interschool sport competition are asked to please see your campus Sport Coordinator for more information or the Campus Coach.


  Term 1, 2016

Week Date Sport Year Level Location Coach
6 Fri 4th March VUSC Swimming Carnival All St Albans LC SSV
7 Mon 7th March Futsal IBG Derrimut St Albans
7 Wed 9th March Rugby 9’s IBG SBG Keilor Park VUSC
7 Fri 11th March Divisional Swimming Champs Year 7-12 St Albans LC DMA, RGI, SQU
8 Fri 18th March Baseball/Softball SBG IBG Keilor Park PGI
Tennis SBG IBG Taylor Lakes MHU, TSQ
Volleyball SBG IBG Gilson / Copperfield DMA, TAD, RGI
9 Thur 24th March WMR Swimming All Geelong – Kardinia Pool SSV

Term 2, 2016

Week Date Sport Year Level Location Coach
2 Mon 18th April Soccer SB Keilor Park / Green Gully RGI
2 Fri 22nd April Soccer SG Keilor Park / Green Gully RGI
3 Tue 26th April Soccer IB Keilor Park / Green Gully TSQ, RGI
4 Wed 4th May Netball SBG IBG Altona  
Badminton SBG IBG Altona  
4 Fri 6th May Netball 7BG 8BG Altona  
Badminton 7BG 8BG Altona  
5 Mon 9th May Golf 8BG 7BG Sunshine Golf Course RGI
6 Thur 19th May Soccer IG Keilor Park / Green Gully TSQ, RGI
6 Mon 23rd May AFL SB/IB Keilor / Marbi  
7 Thur 26th May AFL 7B 8B Keilor Park  
7 Fri 27th May Cross Country All VUSC DMA, RGI, SQU
8 Tue 31st May Soccer 8G Keilor Park TSQ
8 Thur 2nd June Soccer 8B Keilor Park TSQ
9 Tue 7th June Soccer 7G Keilor Park TSQ
9 Fri 10th June Soccer 7B Keilor Park TSQ