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Congratulations to our Year 9 students: Lisa Buahn, Maryann Toeke, Lisa Nguyen and Sisi Ti Shi who were outstanding ambassadors on Monday 16th May for our school at Treasury Theatre where the students’ presentations and ceremony were attended by Mrs Simson, Ms Judith Graley (the Parliamentary Secretary), as well as the Chinese Ambassador.

The day’s events followed the girls’ six weeks of experience in China, absorbing Chinese language, History and Culture while spending two weeks in Beijing’s Foreign Studies University, then in Shanghai’s Industry and Commerce Foreign Languages School.

The six weeks were an amazing experience creating life-long memories while also requiring dedicated work and independence, living away from family and friends in long, busy days. It was fantastic fun, learning Chinese with ‘buddies’. The mastery of language by the students made huge advances and will now benefit other students in our Chinese classes.

If you are studying Chinese now in Year 7 or Year 8, make sure you ask any of the girls about their fantastic experience so you can consider participating, perhaps in 2017.

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