Hamlet – What a Performance!

In October Victoria University Secondary College partnered with Western Edge Youth Arts to create a new Hamlet for our times for our college community.

And what a Hamlet it was.

It was like this. Hamlet, a girl, lost her father. Then her mother married her Uncle Claudius and her best friend betrayed her. Then her father’s ghost appeared and things got very real.

The production featured Samoan language alongside Elizabethan text and dances choreographed by our very own student dancers. Innovative mobile projections of the ghost had audiences spooked, while Hamlet and Ophelia captivated with their raw portrayal of teenage struggle. A chorus of storytellers held audiences in the palms of their hands, as the gravedigger and Rosa and Gilda offered much needed comic relief.

Congratulations to all students for strengthening our community through the arts!

Ms Nicholls, Production Manager

Photos by Nicky Dracoulis, Western Edge

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