Year 8 Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Incursion

On Thursday 23rd February, Year 8 English students hosted a guest speaker, Bron, from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as part of their studies in persuasive language. Bron gave students an important insight into the work of the Resource Centre and the plight of Asylum Seekers both in Australia and overseas. When we saw the students in the presentation we couldn’t resist taking a few photos to show you the way students at VUSC actively take notes. 

If you look closely at the photos here you will see every Year 8 student actively thinking, summarising and engaging with the material in the guest presentation. You will also see that students are taking their notes in the Cornell format which allows them to review and revise the material at home. Even Ms Pegoraro (who teaches 8C and 8D – below left)  can be seen taking careful notes! Several questions at the end of the presentation for Bron were direct evidence that students were engaged in the issues and curious to find out more.