AVID Symposium

AVID students from years 7-11 participated in a symposium which focused on Retention in Education. Students were prepared in their AVID classes with the critical reading of texts, which addressed issues relating to retention in education. This will now lead into a learning task where students will work in teams to develop a project for semester 2; this project will have the primary aim of communicating the importance of staying at school to a select audience in our college community.

AVID teachers also presented mid-year awards to nominated students who have performed outstandingly in the following areas:

  • Cornell Notes
  • Organisation (binder /planner)
  • Leadership in Collaboration
  • Perseverance
  • Commitment to AVID (All rounder award)

Congratulations to the award winners (listed below), and many thanks to parents and guardians who attended to support the students.

We are very fortunate to have a strong AVID teaching team who motivate our students to do their best. Thank you to the wonderful teaching staff Ms Kristy 

Muratore, Mr Christopher Troy, Ms Maria Panagiotidis and Ms Athena Vass.


We  would also like to acknowledge the butchers Meat2U who donated 200 sausages for our sausage sizzle.

Year 7

Cornell Notes Sara Tariq
Organisation Mali Okita
Leadership in Collaboration Vijay Joseph
Perseverance Jordan Zammit
Commitment to AVID (All rounder) Donald La


Year 8

Cornell Notes Danita Caruso  
Organisation Cecilia Nguyen  
Leadership in Collaboration Leila Petroski  
Perseverance Jacinta Klemmer Sahil Narayan
Commitment to AVID (All rounder) Chloe Woods  


Year 9

Cornell Notes Thea San Jose
Organisation Crystal Mercuri
Leadership in Collaboration James Phan
Perseverance Chris Soe
Commitment to AVID (All rounder) Arhabella Cuera


Year 10

Cornell Notes Hafsah Qureshi
Organisation Sonia Joseph
Leadership in Collaboration Leyla Holt
Perseverance Ricky La
Commitment to AVID (All rounder) Callum Blackmore


Year 11

Cornell Notes Yedidya Ephrem  
Organisation May Qureshi  
Leadership in Collaboration Noelia Murana  
Perseverance Samira Osman  
Commitment to AVID (All rounder) May Qureshi Yedidya Ephrem