Chinese Museum Excursion

On the 21/8/2017, the year 10 and 11 Chinese classes went to Melbourne Central’s Chinatown to visit the Chinese Museum. Despite the cold weather, everyone was still able to enjoy the day, furthering and deepening their appreciation for the Chinese Culture. In particular, everyone was deeply fascinated by the unique layout of the museum, and absolutely adored the items on display (such as the Chinese water paintings.) Overall, it was an amazing day! Steven Ho 11A

The year elevens and year tens had an excursion to the Chinese Museum to learn more about China’s history and culture. The weather was not the greatest as it was really rainy but luckily we got to stay inside for most of the time. We learnt about the traditional Chinese paintings and inventions made by the Chinese people and their journey to Australia. What I found most interesting was seeing the Millennium Dragon which requires eight people to carry it and is used for Melbourne’s Chinese New Year Parade. Lisa Nguyen 10A

On Monday 21st of August, our Chinese teachers, Ms Yang and Mr Ding lead our year 10 and 11 classmates and those studying Chinese language to visit the Chinese Museum. At the museum, I saw the display of famous four Chinese inventions such as paper making, black powder, Compass and block printing on the second floor. I also learned the most famous Chinese philosophy in Chinese history, the Confucius.He plays an important role on teaching philosophy about human beliefs and behaviours. Even now, people still study Confucius. I learned a lot of Chinese culture through the visit. Alex Wen 10C