Victorian Sister Schools Visit to Jiangsu, China

Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange (JESIE) provided funding support for Victorian schools to visit their sister schools in Jiangsu Province. From 19th September to 3rd October, VUSC embarked on a cultural visit to China and our sister school in Jiangsu. Four staff and 11 students from the junior and senior campuses took part in educational and cultural excursions visiting Beijing, Changzhou, Nanjing, Jiangsu and Shanghai.

The staff and students spent four days at our sister school and participated in their education program. The students were also involved in the Homestay Immersion Program where they were warmly welcomed by their host families and lived with them for the four day duration. Overall, the trip to China and our sister school was an invaluable experience for staff and students. Sharing ideas, knowledge and developing an understanding between the two cultures was instrumental in building relations between our sister school and VUSC.