Junior Debating Results

Congratulations to the Junior Debating team for 2/2 wins in the final round of debating for year 7s and 8s recently!

Round 4 Results:

VUSC 1 – Bye

VUSC 2 defeated St Albans

(Donald 7A, Christian 7G, Edith 7C)

Best speaker: Edith

VUSC 3 defeated Springside

(Liam 8E, Dang 8E, Gab 8E)


Other Junior School Program participants at St Albans 2017: Muaz 7A, Sage 7A, Jamieson 7A, Connor 7B, Peng 7C, Samira 7C, Leanna 7G, Cecilia 8A

Well done to these students for their courage and effort over the past few weeks and for Aspiring to Achieve!

Thanks to staff who have supported the debating program at Junior campus by adjudicating, watching debates at lunch time, or chatting to students about it. We look forward to achieving great things in debating next year!


Mr Troy

Debating & Public Speaking Coordinator