Amazing China!

Victorian Sister Schools Visit to Jiangsu, China

My name is Nicholas Williams and I am one of the 18 students from Victoria University Secondary Collage to attend the 2018 China Cultural Tour.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. I remember I was in year 3, at primary school, we had a day trip to the Melbourne Ice Skating ring. I thought that was the best experience of my life but I never thought of the future. I never guessed that going to another country, in this instance China would be possible, even on a school trip. So I was very lucky to be a part of this amazing tour.

My favourite moment of the trip was the shopping. When we went to shopping centres it was always very big and busy, I think the best part about that was see the gaming technology. To me it was very interesting to see how advanced their technology was, for such a big country. Next my favourite place I visited, I would have to say was The Great Wall of China. The reason why it’s my favourite place is because it gave me a very good amount of exercise. The steps were fairly steep but the view when you got to the top of the wall was just breath taking. You could see the far distant mountains and a wonderful view of the city. Lastly one thing I learnt about China was that the population of Beijing was larger than the population of Australia itself, so 1 out of the 5 in the world are Chinese.

I hope someday that I have the chance to represent Victoria University Secondary College, Victoria and Australia itself to be a part of another amazing experience, like this.

  • Nicholas Williams 7D   

Once again the Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange (JESIE) provided funding support for Victorian schools to visit their sister schools in Jiangsu Province this year. From 16 September to 2 October, VUSC embarked on a cultural visit to China and our sister school in Jiangsu. 18  students from the junior and senior campuses along with Ms Pegoraro, Ms Wooles and Ms Stewart took part in educational and cultural excursions visiting Beijing, Nanjing, Jiangsu and Shanghai.

The staff and students spent five days at our sister school and participated in their education program. The students were also involved in the Homestay Immersion Program where they were warmly welcomed by their buddy and host families and lived with them for the week. Overall, the trip to China and our sister school was an invaluable experience for staff and students. Sharing ideas, knowledge and developing an understanding between the two cultures was instrumental in building relations between our sister school and VUSC.

Congratulations to the students who conducted themselves as great ambassadors of our school and country, and to the staff for being on call 24/7 and for helping our students to have an amazing experience!