VYLC Tour departs 16 March

The Victorian Young Leaders to China Tour 16 March – 25 April

Soon we will farewell 7 of our Year 9 students who will be spending six weeks in China for the Victorian Young Leaders to China program. Mr Jonathan Polizzi will be accompanying the students on the tour which involves spending two weeks at a Beijing University attending language classes, Chinese studies and cultural activities, and four weeks at a Shanghai high school where students will attend classes and stay with host families.

Recently the students attended a pre-departure weekend camp with Mr Polizzi, Mr Dowie and all the other Victorian school students and staff who will be joining them on tour, where they were presented with their official blazers and backpacks. We wish Mr Polizzi and the following students safe travels and look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return on 25th April:

Leanna Nguyen, Keidis Galuega, Sage Cachia, Minnie Zhong, Donald La, Brylee-Jo Lewis and Hayden Cutajar.