Deep Learning – Opportunity for Extension for Year 9 and 10 Students.

The Deep Learning Pathway is an exciting new extension program that is designed to allow academically ready students to specialise their learning in certain subject areas, gaining access to a rigorous curriculum that includes challenging content and inquiry-based learning.

Students can specialise in the areas of English and Humanities, taking an extension English class, Literature and 12 months of their chosen Humanities, either History or Economics & Legal Studies. Students can also specialise in the areas of Mathematics and Sciences, being part of an extension Mathematical Methods class and having additional periods of Science where they undertake inquiry-based learning. Some students are able to specialise in all areas.

Students in Year 10 may apply to take advanced placement in a Unit 1 & 2 VCE subject. These students may also take Introduction to Extended Investigation, which is an inquiry-based learning unit where students are able to pursue academic research in a field of their interest.

Entry Requirements:

  • English and Humanities pathway: average of B or above in English and/or Literature.
  • STEM pathway: average of a B or above in Maths and Science.
  • 90% Attendance in the most recent Semester.
  • Demonstrated College school values of Aspiring to Achieve, Strengthening the Community and Respecting Ourselves and Others.

Students wishing to participate in the Deep Learning Pathway option should complete the appropriate application form and return it to the front office.