The College has a Junior Debating team and Senior Debating team. Students participate in intra-school and inter-school debating competitions and meet each week to plan for their topics and prepare their arguments.

The Debating program aims to give young speakers the opportunity to put their ideas forward in front of an audience whilst expanding their knowledge of current affairs. Students will develop the “building blocks” of public presentation—confidence, clarity, and the development of arguments—which are very important skills both in and out of school.

Debating is an invaluable skill for students:

  • it promotes confidence and effective public presentation
  • it encourages logical and critical thinking, social awareness and an interest in current affairs
  • it is multi-disciplinary: debating techniques can be used in all subject areas
  • its benefits extend through all aspects of the school curriculum
  • it is well directed to the “Communication” and “Thinking” domains of the Victorian Curriculum. More specifically, it addresses the “Speaking and Listening”, “Listening, Viewing and Responding”, “Presenting”, “Reasoning, Process and Inquiry” dimensions of the Curriculum and VCE English.

Students who are interested in joining a debating team should see Mr Troy at the Junior Campus or Ms Majumdar at the Senior Campus.