The Year 7 and 8 curriculum is grounded in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy, with Information Communication Technologies and AVID strategies also at the foreground of each subject area. Students undertake a breadth of discipline areas, allowing them to explore their interests.

Working within flexible learning areas, lifelong learning skills such as good organisation, a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve their full potential are promoted throughout these years.

At Year 7, each student has a Home Group teacher who also teaches their class throughout the week so that a strong and trusting relationship can be built. This enables teachers to take an active interest in each student’s wellbeing and get to know their family. Students have the opportunity to attend a three day pastoral camp during the year to help them strengthen newly formed friendships and familiarise themselves with their teachers.

Students at Year 7 and 8 are required to bring their own device for use at school as ICT technologies are incorporated throughout the curriculum and are facilitated by a wide range of online teaching and learning applications. Online e-books are used instead of traditional textbooks for core subjects to minimise costs for families and the weight of school bags for students. Each student is provided with a locker in a separate area to the older students within the campus, as well as being situated close to all of their classes and school facilities such as the General Office and Canteen area.

Core Subjects and Electives

The structure of the Year 7 and 8 learning program is intended to provide students with a balanced, rigorous and engaging curriculum. All students will study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages (Chinese) and Health and Physical Education for the entire year. All core subjects other than Languages have been developed to reflect the Victorian Curriculum. All subjects will be assessed against the Victorian Curriculum.

Core subjects at Year 8 build upon the essential skills, knowledge and understanding that students have developed in Year 7. Students at Year 7 and 8 will have the opportunity to study additional subjects including AVID and English as an Additional Language. Electives are chosen from the Arts/Music and Technology domains. Students study two electives per year.