Victoria University Secondary College is a state co-educational Year 7-12 college across two campuses: a Junior Campus at Deer Park and a Senior Campus at Cairnlea.

Create The Future

Welcome to Victoria University Secondary College. Our College is a learning community where all staff learn together and continuously improve, and where students are guided to discover their talents, make the most of them and develop goals for their future.

Our vision is for students to be educated and enabled to Create the Future: their own future, their communities’ future and the global future.

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Elaine Hazim - Acting College Principal

At VUSC we encourage a holistic approach to learning, where student wellbeing is paramount and numerous engagement opportunities are provided to students with the support of local business and community organisations.

Social skills are a focus alongside academic skills. Parent and community involvement is valued, as research shows that these are major factors contributing to student achievement.

All members of the school community are encouraged to live by our values. We ask students to Create the Future through Aspiring to Achieve, Strengthening the Community and Respecting Ourselves and Others.


Aspire to Achieve

All members of the school community share high expectations and a commitment to learning. This is fostered by positive relationships underpinned by mutual respect and acknowledgement of the shared responsibility we have for embracing opportunities. Through hard work and perseverance, success is obtainable by all. The school creates opportunities for all to experience and celebrate achievement.

Strengthen the Community

Members of the college are expected to contribute to the school community through active collaboration in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities such as taking part in student leadership, theatre productions and school sporting teams. Students also contribute to the local and wider communities through music, fundraising and school projects to name a few. The school has established partnerships with businesses, educational communities and non-profit community organisations, creating vital opportunities for growth and development that are mutually enriching.

Respect Ourselves and Others

We believe that students and teachers alike show respect for themselves by showing respect for others. This is the basis for a positive learning environment where everyone is valued. The Positive Behaviour Support Program underpins all activities at the college and provides clear expectations and a supportive framework for students in which to learn.

Our Staff

The staff and Principal team at VUSC are committed to providing the best in education for students as they prepare for adulthood and the workforce. Our College is a supportive teaching and learning environment where students’ needs and backgrounds are reflected in their learning and design of the curriculum. View our Key Staff


Our Logo

The symbol is based on the appearance of a wreath. Wreaths are commonly associated with success and eternity. Each leaf of the wreath is intended to represent the school’s success and the success of the students. The flowing movement of the leaves stand for the progressive journey of students. This is accentuated by the dots on the side, which gradually enlarge to indicate students going through each year of secondary school. The final leaf separated from the wreath symbolises the successful students brought up by the school, who enter and strengthen our community. The fact that leaves fly to new and unknown places relates to the multitude of students’ aspirations beyond their secondary schooling. Wreaths are also evergreen plants lasting throughout all seasons. The strength of these plants signifies the strength of the school community and the bond between teachers, students and their parents.