As part of strengthening the community and developing a global understanding, our College has an international education focus through creating connections with China and increasing the number of classes in Chinese language.

Students’ interest in studying Chinese has been developed by our wider program of Chinese immersion. Students travelled to China each year from 2014 to 2019 as part of the Victorian Young Leaders to China program. There they undertook a 6 week study tour, staying in a Chinese school, learning the language and developing an understanding of the Chinese culture. The Victorian Young Leaders to China program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers, combining language and cultural learning with personal development and leadership skills. This program is currently run virtually over a two week period however it is anticipated that reciprocal in-country visits will recommence in the near future. 

To facilitate this international focus further, VUSC has a sister school relationship with the High School Affiliated with Yangzhou University, in the Jiangsu Province, China. Students from both schools have visited each other’s countries and participated in online exchange activities. Students from both China and Australia are given the opportunity to learn about each other’s country, culture, school life and history, and be involved in cultural and immersion activities

Our sister school relationship is a fundamental part of the College’s teaching and learning strategy for internationalising education, and we will continue to strengthen this relationship so that students are provided with the knowledge, skills and attributes required for a globalised world.