Victoria University Secondary College is a learning community where all staff learn together and continuously improve, and where students are guided to discover their talents, set aspirational goals for themselves and grow and develop into independent, resilient and adaptable individuals.

Our vision is for students to be educated and enabled to Create the Future: their own future, their communities’ future and the global future.

Students create their future by following our College values:

Aspire to Achieve

Strengthen the Community

Respect Ourselves and Others

At VUSC we believe all students can succeed with effort and persistence. We teach our students to aim for excellence in all that they do. Our teaching and learning framework is based on a synthesis of recent educational research. Enacting this research in the classroom leads to high quality instruction that is reliably delivered throughout the school.

Our evidence based teaching practices and strategies establish safe, purposeful and inclusive classroom learning environments while providing the individual behaviour and learning supports needed to achieve academic and social success for all students.

Our focus on Literacy and Numeracy has seen our student outcomes increase significantly over the last few years. Support is provided to students at all levels and high achieving students are challenged and extended.

Parent opinion of the College is overwhelmingly positive and student attitude surveys have shown progressive increases in their satisfaction with the school. Students comment that they feel safe, are motivated to learn and that teachers help them learn to the best of their ability.

Our vision is future focused and empowering. We aim to encourage visionary thinking; to enable members of our learning community to adapt to an ever changing world and prepare for global challenges; to be adaptive and flexible in their thinking and to have the skills to engage with current and emerging technologies.

We empower members of our learning community to develop control over their own thinking and actions, develop the self-belief and confidence to persevere with learning challenges and tasks and to take initiative and act. Our focus on reflective thinking develops independent learners. Our focus on collaboration develops students who are able to work co-operatively towards a common goal; to share ideas and resources while respecting and recognising individual contributions. Students develop the skills to create respectful learning relationships within the school and the wider community.

Parents and prospective students are warmly invited to contact the College and make an appointment for a tour to see our classes in action. We look forward to seeing you at Victoria University Secondary College.

Elaine Hazim
College Principal