The College has established several partnerships with businesses and community groups as it is our belief that students benefit from being mentored by professionals and being connected to their community.

In particular, the College has strong partnerships with:

  • Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN)
  • Beacon Foundation
  • Local Primary Schools


Australian Business and Community Network

The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) is a purpose-led, not-for-profit organisation that brings businesses and schools together to address educational disparity.

ABCN connects volunteers from their member companies with students from low socio-economic backgrounds to provide fun, workplace-based mentoring programs that develop students’ confidence, skills and aspirations vital for thriving in the workplace of the future.

Through ABCN, several students across Years 7-11 participate in the following programs each year:

  • Year 11 – The Aspirations program is designed to familiarise students with the working world and equip them with the skills to build a successful career.
  • Year 10 – The Future Thinkers program is one which builds creative and innovative problem-solving skills through the process of design thinking.
  • Year 10 Girls – The Focus program is designed for girls & encourages them to take on leadership roles.
  • Year 10 – Interview 2 Impress is a workshop designed to equip students with the practical skills needed to engage in employment options beyond school.
  • Year 10 – The My Career Rules program is designed as an interactive online careers Q&A session which gives students a chance to ask a panel of 3-4 mentors from different professional backgrounds all sorts of career related questions.
  • Year 9 – The Goals program encourages the completion of Year 12 and further study with a focus on goal setting, self-management and critical thinking.
  • Year 7 – The Innovate program encourages the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.


Our partner through ABCN is Hall and Wilcox – a large Melbourne legal firm based in the Rialto Towers in the city. Hall and Wilcox supports our students by providing mentors and facilities to run various programs. Hall and Wilcox also provides an annual prestigious scholarship and clerkship to a top performing Year 12 student, which is presented to them at our Graduation and Presentation Evening. 


Beacon Foundation

The Beacon Foundation provides a wide range of aspirational programs for students at the College. Each year over 150 students participate in Beacon programs.
These programs include:

  • Business events
  • Polish program for personal development and interview skills
  • Mentoring workshops by business professionals from different industries
  • Mock job interviews


Local Primary Schools

The College has close links with its feeder primary schools and runs joint programs with them in the music and sporting fields. VUSC is a member of the Deer Park Sunshine Network of Principals which meets regularly each term to share best practice in teaching and learning strategies as part of the Communities of Practice initiative.