Year 7, 8 & 9 Enrolments

Contact our Junior Campus
Deer Park on 9363 1155

Year 10, 11 & 12 Enrolments

Contact our Senior Campus
St Albans on 8312 0200

Please contact the College on the above telephone numbers if you wish to enquire about enrolling your child. A Consideration for Enrolment form is available at the office of both campuses. Proof of your child’s identity (eg birth certificate, passport etc) and copies of the child’s school reports for the previous 12 months must be submitted with the enrolment form, as well as other documents which are listed on the front page of the form. Please note the enrolment process can take up to two weeks to finalise. Please ensure all documents are provided to avoid further delays. Once the enrolment form has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted by our staff to arrange an interview time with the Enrolment Officer if a place is available.

For those students in Grade Six enrolling for Year Seven at the College for the coming year, please follow the Department’s Transition process with your Primary School.  Click on the ‘Transition to College’ tab below for more detailed information.

School Tours are available by contacting the general office on the telephone numbers above.

Please contact Mr James Dowie, Assistant Principal / Transition Leader on 9363 1155 if you need any further information regarding new Year Seven enrolments.

Designated Neighbourhood Area

For children in Victoria, the designated neighbourhood Government school is the school that is nearest the student’s home.  The Department of Education and Training in Victoria has provided a designated neighbourhood area map for Victoria University Secondary College.

Department policy requires that all students are entitled to a place at their designated neighbourhood school.

Students who live outside the designated neighbourhood area will be prioritised for enrolment according to whether they have siblings at the school, any special circumstances, and curriculum grounds, depending on availability of places.

Click here to see the designated neighbourhood area map for Victoria University Secondary College.

To find your nearest school, visit