The College has a dedicated Careers and Partnerships team with two main foci: to build pathways to satisfying careers for students and to build student aspirations towards achieving fulfilling career objectives.

The College has a full MIPS (Managed Individual Pathways) program. Students utilise the MIPS-on-line program and have individualised/in-class support from the MIPS team. They reflect on their pathway journey to date, and then set future goals which includes reflecting on their values, interests and skills.  Course counselling days and targeted classroom activities within the structured curriculum provide students with resources to further support them to make informed choices about their pathways.

A pivotal part of this is the individual counselling of every Year 12 student as part of the VTAC and/or Direct Entry course selection process. Course counselling is also provided to students at Year 9 and Year 10 to assist with subject selections. The My Career Insights program for all Year 9 students in government secondary schools helps students to learn about what skills and abilities they could bring to a job and find out about what jobs match their abilities, interests and personality, and the subjects they need for those careers. As part of the program, students complete a series of online questions and quizzes on the Morrisby Profile website at school.

Each student has access to a dedicated Careers website for our College which provides a one-stop site for up to date Careers and Pathways information, including a VTAC Course search, Open Days for tertiary institutions, comprehensive information about post school options and job vacancy search.

Additionally, through building community and business partnerships, our College provides greater opportunities for students and encourages them to build higher aspirations for post-secondary education. Staff work hard to promote the school within the local community and increase the participation of local employers and community organisations with the school, with the view to developing partnerships and programs to provide mentoring, employment and pathways opportunities for students. We establish and maintain partnerships with individuals, businesses, educational communities and non-profit and community organisations, creating vital opportunities for growth and development that are mutually enriching. 

Our partnerships with the Beacon Foundation and Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) are significant in familiarising students with the expectations of workplaces, providing them with access to mentoring professionals in various industries and equipping them with the skills to build a successful career. Our relationships with local employers secure Structured Workplace Learning placements for VET students, with many transitioning to full time apprenticeships or traineeships with these employers.