Victoria University Secondary College offers the accredited Select Entry Accelerated Learning program for high achieving students.

The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) accredits schools who run the SEAL program. The SEAL program is designed to enrich and extend students through a curriculum that emphasises content of greater complexity and depth, more abstract and challenging learning tasks, higher order critical and creative thinking, problem-solving skills, independent research skills and leadership opportunities. This supportive environment encourages learning and collaboration with like-minded peers to develop students academically, socially and emotionally.

The SEAL Program:

  • Provides high-functioning students with the opportunity to fulfil their academic and social potential
  • Offers a highly challenging, engaging and motivating learning environment for students to move rapidly through the curriculum
  • Offers greater flexibility in their choice of subjects for the remaining years of their secondary education
  • Provides the opportunity to work independently and cooperatively with other students of similar abilities and interests.

The SEAL Program caters for students whose learning needs may not be met by the mainstream curriculum. Instead, they are challenged with a faster-paced and rigorous curriculum that offers extension in a range of topics. Students are encouraged to be independent learners and their individual learning needs are taken into account when lessons are planned, allowing students to reach their academic potential. Students also enjoy the opportunity to work with similarly engaged peers, and many students enjoy the social benefits of the program.

The accelerated program contains much less repetition. These students just don’t need it, as opposed to mainstream classes, where repetition is a normal part of the learning process. Enrichment is provided by broadening content, understanding, experience and skills to a level appropriate to the students’ stages of development. Extension leads to in-depth study and the integration and application of knowledge at a deeper level.

Who Should Apply?

If your child is highly motivated, retains knowledge well and is often bored in mainstream classes, this may indicate that they need to be extended. The SEAL Program is for students who desire to extend themselves and move ahead.

Parents/carers should follow the normal Year 7 enrolment process through their child’s primary school. Students can then apply for the SEAL program via the Registration and Selection Process below. 

Registration and Selection Process

Registrations are open for the Year 7 SEAL Program for entry in 2025. A non-refundable fee of $88 is required upon registration. Applicants may register by clicking on this link. Registrations will close on Friday 26th July 2024. Testing will take place at the Junior Campus on Friday 2nd August 2024.  

Students will be required to achieve a high standard on the entrance examination to be selected for the program.

EduTest will contact all students who have registered for the SEAL entrance exam with information about the exam day and login details. If any student does not receive an email, please contact EduTest directly on telephone 9014 1411 or email:

For more information about the components of the entrance examination and to access online practice tests, visit the EduTest website.