Victoria University Secondary College has a long-standing reputation for excellence in Music and the Performing Arts. Through a multitude of performance ensembles and theatre productions incorporating music, drama and vocals, we encourage our students to develop their individuality and talents, and increase their self-confidence through their musical or artistic ability.

The College engages several music instrumental and singing teachers offering students a wide range of learning options including piano, guitar, vocals, percussion and woodwind instruments. Instrumental music and vocals students have a weekly 30 minute lesson on a rotating timetable so that they do not miss the same class each week. These lessons are compulsory for these students and essential in developing their skills in vocals or on their chosen instrument.

Our unique and innovative music curriculum provides students with numerous live performance opportunities, both at the college and in the wider community. Students may elect to perform in:

  • Junior Concert Band
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Rock Band
  • Choir
  • Solo Performances

The Music and Performing Arts Faculty performs a range of concerts throughout the year which all families and staff are encouraged to attend. These include the Annual Music Concert, Junior and Senior Soirees, VCE Performance Evenings and annual Theatre Production.

Students have the opportunity to take part in the College theatre production every year in our Drama complex. The production involves students from both the Junior and Senior campuses, participating in everything from singing, dancing and acting to costumes, make-up and set production. In past years productions have included ‘Fame’, ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Grease’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth’. 

Drama and Concert Band are offered as electives at VUSC and VCE Drama, Music Performance and Theatre Studies are offered in the later years. VET courses in Dance, Acting and Music can be accessed through our partnerships within the Brimbank VET Cluster.