Victoria University Secondary College is committed to supporting the achievement and participation of all students and to delivering an inclusive education system that ensures all students have access to a quality education that meets their diverse needs.

The college provides a range of policies, programs and resources to support the delivery of high quality schooling for all students, including students with disabilities. These resources are provided through student support services including learning support staff in the classroom, a full time Student Wellbeing Manager and youth worker, as well as access to a network psychologist.

The Department of Education’s Program for Students with Disabilities provides supplementary resources to schools to support the education of students with disabilities with low to moderate needs.

These students must meet the eligibility criteria for one of the following seven program categories:

  • physical disability
  • visual impairment
  • behaviour disorder
  • hearing impairment
  • intellectual disability
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • language disorder with additional educational needs.

In addition, the school currently employs tutors at both campuses as part of the Department of Education and Training Tutor Learning Initiative. Tutors assist selected students in the areas of literacy and numeracy in their classes, with support based on individual learning needs.