At Victoria University Secondary College we believe that students are best able to engage in their education and meet their life goals when they are feeling safe and supported.

The college is committed to providing students with access to Student Wellbeing services in order to ensure that they are able to fulfil their potential in life and become positive and productive members of our local community.

Students may access the Student Wellbeing Team through family, teacher, or self-referral where they will be able to meet with a range of professionals who are able to assist in ensuring that the student feels supported throughout their secondary schooling at the college.

There is also a Doctors in Secondary Schools (DiSS) Clinic at the Senior Campus. The Clinic operates EVERY Monday and is available to all students at the college. DiSS provides the same service as those provided by GP’s in the community. They can assist students with:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Health advice and support

 Parents/guardians with students at the Junior Campus may use the Clinic however they must transport their child to the Senior Campus.


Student Wellbeing Team

The Student Wellbeing Team consists of a team of professionals across the College. This includes:

  • Kimberly Emtsis – Student Wellbeing Manager/Psychologist
  • Mary Papaioannou – Student Wellbeing Administrator/DiSS Liaison Officer
  • Kassandra McCulloch – Youth Worker
  • Joe Tynan – Social Worker
  • Macarena Morella Castellon – Social Worker
  • Bronwyn Anderson – DET School Nurse
  • Tanya Nguyen – Mental Health Practitioner
  • Jessica Calleja – Community Liaison Officer/Youth Worker

The Wellbeing Team are able to assist students and families through providing a range of services. This may include one-on-one support and counselling, specialised programs, guest speakers, scholarship opportunities and breakfast club.

The Wellbeing Team may also liaise with teachers, teacher aides and school leaders as well as families and guardians as appropriate in order to ensure that students are provided with a comprehensive range of support services. The team additionally collaborates with the school’s careers and pathways team in order to provide our students with a successful pathway towards achieving their future goals.

The Wellbeing Team is able to provide additional support to students through collaborating with Student Support Services (DET Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Visiting Teacher Service) in addition to providing referrals to other local services within our community. These include organisations such as Headspace, Brimbank Youth Services, The Reach Foundation and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services.


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