The College has established several partnerships with businesses and community groups as it is our belief that students benefit from being mentored by professionals and being connected to their community.

In particular, the College has strong partnerships with:

  • Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN)
  • Beacon Foundation
  • Local Primary Schools
  • Victoria University

Australian Business and Community Network

ABCN links schools with businesses that choose to support students. Our partner through ABCN is Hall and Wilcox – a large city legal firm. Hall and Wilcox supports our students by providing aspirational and mentoring programs. These include conducting a moot court for Year 11 Legal Studies students, providing mentors for the Aspirations program and providing an annual scholarship and internship to the top performing Year 12 Legal Studies student. The partnership also includes leadership meetings between the leaders of each organisation.

Beacon Foundation

The Beacon Foundation provides a wide range of aspirational programs for students at the College. Each year over 150 students participate in Beacon programs.
These programs include:

  • Beacon Student Ambassadors induction day
  • Business events
  • Polish program for personal development and interview skills
  • Mentoring workshops by business professionals from different industries
  • Mock job interviews

Local Primary Schools

The College has close links with its feeder primary schools and runs joint programs with them including a jointly planned Numeracy Curriculum under the guidance of a shared Numeracy consultant, Sports Leadership Programs and VUSC Music teachers providing primary school instrumental lessons and conducting annual concerts.

Victoria University

Our partnership with Victoria University is wide reaching and includes a range of shared programs aimed at assisting our students to see university attendance as a real option. Approximately 20 university students visit the College every week to tutor our students as part of the College AVID program. Our Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to commence their degree whilst completing their VCE, by studying a university subject at Victoria University under the College’s Early University Program. The College conducts orientation programs for senior students at VU and the university supports VUSC students to ‘Aspire to Achieve’ by providing transport and teacher release to tour other university sites. VUSC students also attend Year 12 lectures at the university.