In such a fast paced and changing technological environment, it is essential for schools to be at the forefront of ICT advances and trends in order to keep students engaged and connected, and prepared for a technologically savvy workforce.

At Victoria University Secondary College, ICT technologies are incorporated throughout the curriculum and are facilitated by a wide range of online teaching and learning applications and classroom equipment including interactive whiteboards and touch screens.

All students are required to bring their own netbook for use at school. The college has negotiated an agreement with CENTRE COM to supply a range of devices to students. The prices we have negotiated ensure very good value to families as they include all programs required by the college. The purchase of these computers, along with various attachments, payment methods, warranty upgrades and insurance options can be made through the VUSC CENTRE COM portal.

VUSC Centre Com Portal

The School Identification Code is vusc8891.

Please note that the college does not have insurance for students’ personal items and computers.


Victoria University Secondary College uses Compass School Manager for school administration, student organisation and parent communication.

Compass streamlines communication between parents and the school, and provides parents with enhanced access to information about their child.

Compass is used in the following ways:

  • Attendance and Roll Marking – parents can monitor their child’s attendance and enter approval for absences and lateness
  • News Feed and Calendar – parents and students can check the daily news feed and calendar for upcoming events
  • Contact Details – parents can update their contact details at any time
  • Timetable, excursions and school events – parents and students know when and where they have classes and events scheduled
  • Homework and Assessment Tasks – parents and students can see when teachers list homework requirements and assessments to be submitted with deadlines
  • Parent Teacher Conferences – parents can make bookings online
  • Semester and Interim Reports – parents can download their child’s reports

How is Compass accessed?

Parents are able to login to Compass via the Quick Links button on this website. Compass can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device including your computer, tablet or other mobile device.
PARENT ONLY login information is available at each campus office.