Term 1 Wrap Up

Wow! What a hugely busy term it was for our students and staff!

These are some of the amazing events and achievements that have occurred this term: 

  • Year 12 Online Student Success Evening
  • Year 7-9 Online Student Success Evening
  • Year 11 VCAL Food Safety Certificate course
  • Whole School Athletics Carnival
  • Senior Tennis team who made the WMR division finals
  • Year 12 Wilson’s Promontory Camp
  • Bullying. No Way! Day
  • Open House at Junior Campus
  • Year 10 Alcohol Education Presentation
  • SRC Goals Program
  • Year 12 Biology GTAC Excursion
  • Year 10/11 Girls Focus Program
  • Year 12 VCAL Barista Course
  • Year 9 REACH Foundation Excursion
  • Senior Music Soiree
  • Year 9 Homeland Calling Incursion with Western Edge
  • VCE Season of Excellence Top Talks Excursion
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • …………and many more!

Check out the gallery below and thank you to our wonderful staff and students for a fantastic term!