Year 12 Wilson’s Promontory Hike

In March, Year 12 students were fortunate to take part in an amazing 3-day hike around Wilson’s Promontory. The weather was perfect, the scenery was spectacular and everyone had a fantastic time! Thank you to Mr Troy, Ms Muscat, Mr Nguyen, Ms Hogarth and Mr Kavadias for accompanying the students. 

Below is College Vice Captain Donald La’s account of the trip and some great photos:

The inaugural Senior Outdoor Adventure Club’s 3 day hiking trip to Wilson’s Promontory can simply be described as the must-do event on the VUSC calendar. Filled with action-packed adventure and breathtaking views, the hike will become a big piece in Senior students’ fond memories of their high school experience. The Promontory itself is picturesque and has a beautiful sight to see with every step taken along the luscious trails, whether that would be the glistening blue ocean or the sunsets straight out of a Lion King movie. The flora of the trails too, become prettier with every turn and the dense green forests are great photo opportunities!

But what’s in it for the students? Senior students are able to take a break from the busy academic calendar in an engaging environment whilst continuing to follow the core college values. Students are able to aspire to achieve by conquering the rewarding hiking trails and extending their physical wellbeing. Students are also able to strengthen the community by developing close bonds with peers and create life-long memories! Finally, attendees are able to respect themselves and others by becoming responsible for the preservation of the Promontory, what you bring with you is what you leave with!

A few paragraphs are nowhere near enough to capture the true beauty and genuine experiences that the 3 day hiking trip to Wilson’s Promontory brings. I urge any student who is interested in any aspect of the hike whether that would be enhancing physical health, social bonds, or mental resilience to apply when the chance arises. This camp proved to me that life doesn’t change until you try something new, let’s see what you can learn too!