VUSC Congratulates the College Dux 2022!

Our College proudly congratulates Malinn Senevirathna who is the College Dux for 2022.

Malinn achieved an ATAR of 97.7, and our Proxime Accessit, Donald La, achieved a result of 96.65. Our students received outstanding results this year, with ten students achieving an ATAR of 90 or more (double that of last year), while 34% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 80 or above. This has allowed students to have a far greater choice in the university courses they are able to pursue.

VCE Results

This year VUSC also significantly increased the percentage of students achieving a Study Score of 40 or above. Fewer than 10% of students in Victoria achieve a score of 40 or above in each subject. Well done to these students on their hard work and determination to achieve such outstanding results: 

Donald La, Sara Tariq, Sally Tran, Tommy Nguyen, Gun Veet Bajaj, Haonhi Nguyen, Dat Le, Leanna Nguyen, Jessica Sawyers, Laura Kha, Sara Poveda Muneton, Paris Tran, Dilan Attallah, Lejla Redzic, Malinn Senevirathna, Michael Huynh and Kyle Marshall (Year 11 student).

Our overall results were:

Mean VCE score 29.3

Median VCE score 28

Mean VCE English score 31.1

Pictured below are the ten students with an ATAR in the 90s:

(L-F): Leanna Nguyen, Gun Veet Bajaj, Sally Tran, Sara Tariq, Paris-Mia Tran, Haonhi Nguyen, Hung-Shin Lui, Malinn Senevirathna, Jessica Sawyers, Donald La.

Our 2022 College Dux, Malinn Senevirathna, achieved excellent results across his subjects, being the dux of Chemistry, Physics, and tied for dux in Specialist Mathematics. In 2023, Malinn plans to study a double degree of Mechanical Engineering and Business Management at RMIT University. We wish Malinn all the best with his further studies.

Our Proxime Accessit, Donald La, also achieved excellent outcomes across his subjects. Donald was one of the duces in English and was dux in Chinese. Donald had also been dux in Drama, a Year 12 subject he completed when in Year 11. In 2023, Donald plans to study a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He plans to major in computer science and software engineering.

VCAL Results

Congratulations also to our VCAL students, all of whom achieved their Certificate! Many students have also secured apprenticeships for 2023 as part of the HEADSTART program: 

  • Nofo Saene – Commercial Cookery apprenticeship
  • Ethan Fell – Cabinetmaker apprenticeship
  • Eric Lay – Automotive mechanic apprenticeship
  • Joshmar Tallo – Automotive mechanic apprenticeship
  • Fasika Senay – Aged Care traineeship 
  • Leonie Luafalealo – Hairdressing apprenticeship
  • Megan Fell – Childcare traineeship


For the second year in a row, a VUSC Year 12 student has been awarded the prestigious Hansen Scholarship by the University of Melbourne! A huge congratulations to Paris Tran who has been awarded this scholarship!  

Each year 20 exceptional students from around Australia are awarded the Hansen Scholarship through the University of Melbourne. Students are selected based on their commitment to their academic success, resilience to adversity, and commitment to helping and leading others. Worth over $100,000 and with opportunities for mentoring, connections and further study, the scholarship is the University of Melbourne’s most generous equity scholarship. This is an outstanding achievement and we wish Paris all the best for her studies at the University of Melbourne.

Congratulations also to Sara Tariq who has been awarded the Hall and Wilcox Scholarship for 2022! VUSC has had a partnership with Hall and Wilcox, a legal firm in the city, for many years. The Hall and Wilcox Scholarship Award is awarded to a student in Year 12 who has demonstrated dedication to their studies in the area of Legal Studies. The scholarship includes $1,000 reimbursement for the purchase of equipment to assist with studies (ie. books, equipment, and stationery), a position in their seasonal clerkship program, a mentor and contact for the student and casual work with the firm throughout their degree.

Well done to all of our Year 12 students, the school community is very proud of you!!!