Storm Cup Semi-Finalists

U18 NRL Storm Cup – Round 3

VUSC defeated The Grange College 22-10

VUSC has continued on its winning way with a hard fought victory over The Grange College, earning themselves the number one ranking going into the semi final stage of the Storm Cup competition.

Both sides attacked the contest with enormous commitment and energy trying to impose themselves on the opposition team, but it was VUSC who gained the early momentum and ascendency. This translated into them posting two early tries and leading 12-0. Unfortunately, lapses in concentration late in the half allowed the The Grange College to pull back 2 tries and reduce their lead to 12-10 at half-time. 

The 2nd half was a see-sawing affair with the play fluctuating end-to-end and the pressure of the game telling on the players’ skill level and composure. The emotions of both teams were very high and as a result many mistakes started to creep into the game.  Fortunately, it was VUSC who managed to stay composed under pressure and were able to post another try. This ended the scoring for the 2nd half as both sides lost their way in attack and failed to capitalise on good scoring opportunities.

VUSC had many good players across the park and played with plenty of purpose and commitment which will keep them in good stead for the upcoming semi-final matches. 

Mr Adam

Rugby League Coach