College Dux – Linda Nguyen

Congratulations to Linda Nguyen, our College Dux for 2023 with an outstanding ATAR of 99.25!

We congratulate all of our Year 12 students for their excellent achievements in 2023. We commend them for their commitment to achieving their personal best and for continuing to promote a culture of aspiration with their peers. We are so proud of all our graduates and wish them the best in their future pursuits in 2024 and beyond.

VCE Results

Our 2023 College Dux, Linda Nguyen, achieved an ATAR of 99.25, and our Proxime Accessit, Jia Ze Lim, achieved a result of 94.90. 

Linda achieved scores above 40 across all her subjects, achieving high scores of 46 in Chemistry, and 45 in both Biology and Mathematical Methods. Over the years at the college, Linda has shown consistent diligence and a commitment to hard work and personal achievement. Linda’s VCE subjects included English, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Upon receiving her ATAR, Linda describes being in shock at her result, not having thought her ATAR would be as high as it was. She attributes her success to her supportive family, strong study habits, and self-discipline. She says that doing more than is expected of oneself while also giving yourself time to rest and relax too are keys to doing well in Year 12.

Our Proxime Accessit, Jia Ze Lim, achieved strong results across the board and scores of 40 and above in Philosophy and English. He describes himself as being “absolutely ecstatic” upon receiving his ATAR and VCE Results. Here’s an extract from Jia Ze about his experience:

“This moment was the culmination of 13 years of school and the moments leading up to it were filled with anxiety, expectation and most of all, fear. However, once the results were out, it was clear that there wasn’t anything more to worry about and I never imagined that I’d be able to achieve the scores I did!

Jia Ze says that the main factors that influences his learning were supportive teachers who offered him guidance and his own self-determination.

In 2024, Jia Ze plans to study Biomedicine, though is still considering his options before offers are finalised. He remains interested in the sciences but also says he hope to continue to be able to study Philosophy as well as is has had a positive impact on the way he thinks in everyday situations.


VCE Vocational Major

We congratulate all our Vocational Major students who are graduating this year and moving into the workforce. These students have worked hard to gain the vocational skills necessary to gain employment in their various fields. Jayce McCarthy, a Vocational Major students graduating in 2023, has shared her story of studying in the Vocational Major Program.

 “When I reached the end of year 10 our school was motivating us to choose a career pathway we were interested in, so I chose hairdressing as it had always been an interest of mine. I found a salon willing to take me on for Year 11 work placement in Airport West. The school encouraged us to get our hours up in the workplace to gain knowledge and experience and I was lucky enough to work in a great environment. I was then offered an apprenticeship in year 12 and the school helped me balance both year 12 studies and a part-time apprenticeship through the HeadStart program. HeadStart helped me get into Victoria University Polytechnic to study a certificate in hairdressing and I was able to balance these 3 things (work, TAFE and school) quite well through everybody’s support. Now that I have completed year 12, I am currently working more hours in the salon and am very happy with the position that I am in as a 17-year-old apprentice at the moment. I aspire to one day open my own hair salon and become a successful hairstylist and business owner.”